Saturday afternoon was spent with this little cutie and her family. I was so excited when Amber reached out to photograph Stella’s 2 year pictures and document a few extra family moments. I cannot believe how big Stella is…gahh my friends and their adorable children!

home Summerville, SC

Amber, Brad, and Stella invited me out to their home and from there Stella ran almost free. : ) When Stella wasn’t making it rain with the leaves, she was dashing through the trees and being a little adventurer.  We were able to snag her for a few photos but I promise there was some dancing and tricks involved getting Stella to look my way.

home Summerville, SC natural light

Amber and Brad are so in love with each other and Stella. It was so sweet watching them play, run around together, and just hang out at the tree house. Thank you Amber so much for allowing me the honor to come and document these moments with Stella for you and Brad. : )

home Summerville, SC outdoor

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