I always post what is going on professionally but I wanted to switch it up and show you what else is happening in my life.  This is my June as seen through pictures.  (Just a note most of these pictures are iPhone photos and we all know that quality is a little different than a fancy camera.)  : )


There was a birthday! Actually a few birthdays.  Last month we celebrated my Dad’s birthday and my furry niece and nephew, Duffy and Sadie.  We went out to the beach, played bocci ball, celebrated with pupcakes, and of course party hats!  (Dad had a cake too – thanks Mom!)


I helped one of my dearest friends put on a fundraiser, Rhythm on Canvas, for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb.  It’s super inspiring to put on an event like this and I am extremely lucky to have the family and friends I do to support me in my efforts.  An event like this is no small fete and when those people come out and cheer you on it stays with you forever.  Ahem, the last picture is apparently what happens when I leave my phone with my cousin.  I will cherish those photos forever Laura.  😉


I actually got to ATTEND a wedding last month!  Hooray!  My husband’s beautiful cousin, Megan got married at Gold Bug Island, and we had so much fun that night celebrating Megan and Robert.  I experienced my  first Spoleto event thanks to a very generous friend’s invitation. (Thanks Lori and Ms. Lorraine for a wonderful evening!)  And then there was hand lettering at SpaceCraft Studios.  Super cool place where you get to hang out and do arts and crafts.  Be still my beating heart!  Not to mention I got lots of quality time with my favorite 3 year old. : )


It recently got super hot here – so I was pumped when I was treated to some King of Pops.  Seriously, I don’t know how I survived summer without these popsicles.  Last but not least my fur babies.They make excellent photo subjects (usually) when I’m playing around with my camera, and sometimes they just make priceless expressions like Belle’s after she got an impromptu bath on Sunday.  (Sorry Belle, but that’s what happens when you wallow in mud) My cat, Remy and I are still working on who gets first dibs at MY desk.

I hope everyone had an amazing June.  While it was super busy I would not have traded a single moment and am looking forward to July.  I can’t wait to see what happens next month. : )

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