My weekends are typically very busy.  So when I get a weekend that is laid back and has no real agenda it’s a real treat.  In honor of no agenda weekend, I snapped a few pictures to document the easy going.  I feel really lucky to live in the neighborhood I do.  It has amazing walk-ability and as you can see some gorgeous trees and flowers.  Almost every day Belle (the laughing, yellow lab) and I take a little walk around our neighborhood to stretch our legs and see what new scents she can find.


This weekend I managed to drag my hubby out for some company on our walk.  Saturday was an amazing day full of sunshine and blue skies.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been lounging by the pool or at the beach.  Not only did we go enjoy the blue skies but we also hit up one of our favorite brew stores, The Brew Cellar.  This is totally the place I go in knowing what I’m going to pick off the shelf and then see something I’ve never tried.  Before you know I have put back old reliable and I am purchasing bright, shiny, new.  As a result of this trip, bright, shiny, new is Full Steam’s Beasley’s Honey White.  I can’t wait to enjoy this with a salad or chocolate chip cookie!


I managed to round out the weekend hanging out with my favorite Italian jamming to Duke Ellington and enjoying an indoor picnic.  How can you beat record player music, wine, and Gouda?!  Rain drops will never rain on our parade!

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