I’ll be the first to admit I have a serious addiction ahem…serious love ; ) for Pinterest.  It’s the best and worst creative time suck.  On one hand it can give you a zillion and one ideas.  On the other it can give you a zillion and one ideas and pinning all those awesome ideas absorbed the time needed to do them.  It definitely happens to the best of us!

So how does Pinterest impact your wedding, better yet your photos?  To be honest, I like Pinterest, and I like using it with brides and grooms.  The key word is ‘with’.  I feel that expectations in 90% of situations are really important.  Specifically, setting proper expectations.  For example, my bride pins a breathtaking photo from Red Rock in Colorado.  The expectations I should take the time to set is to make sure the bride knows if this is a must have pose she wants we can totally make that happen.  If it’s the amazing red ambience being cast from the surroundings I then need to take the time to explain unless we’re in a similar setting we may not be able to make that happen.  However, we can schedule photos at sunset so that warm, golden light she loves so much can be similar.  Voila!  We have a win-win. : )

Charleston, SC intimate engagement photography

I think it’s a ton of fun even for myself to peruse Pinterest for posing ideas (as you can see above and below) I love getting inspired by Pinterest just the same as my brides and grooms get inspired.  It can also be really hard to verbally explain poses.  Pinterest is a really great way to show your photographer what you’re trying to achieve.  Pinterest  can really be amazing tool to help explain.

There is a tiny catch to this however, considering your photographer’s style.  By default we all have a certain style.  Through how we take pictures, how we dress, how our mannerisms are, et cetera.  If it is at all possible it’s really great to select a photographer whose style you like and matches your vision.  Having a Pinterest board with 200 poses that look nothing like your selected photographers style means that even though the photographer can likely recreate those poses it is not going to look quite right.  That’s because it is inherently not how they photograph.  It’s awesome to work with a photographer and bring to them a handful of poses you really love.   Since you and your photographer have snagged coffee or a phone date (see how I referenced a previous post there ; ) ) you probably have built some rapport and trust with your photographer.  They want to make you happy and take the best possible pictures of you.  You guys can work together to make sure the poses desired are great and you’re getting the experience you want!

Charleston, SC modern wedding photography

In short: Go! Get inspired and ‘PIN all the things!’  And then talk about them. : ).  Now where is my favorite button …

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