It’s officially pumpkin season, well it’s officially been pumpkin season for almost a month now. : ) This and Christmas are Critty’s two favorite times of year.  Seriously, if he could be any type of produce it would be the pumpkin.  In light of his favorite produce I decided we should document his first time at a pumpkin patch.  Full disclosure we didn’t make it out to a full fledged pumpkin patch but a local church that sets up a mock patch to raise money.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited he was when we drove out Monday afternoon.  When we arrived he looked like a little kid seeing Santa Claus for the first time.  The version where the kid is in awe and excited not, scared and crying. ; ) We picked out a total of seven pumpkins.  Two were for carving and the other five because I thought they were cute.  Critty insisted we needed one sports themed pumpkin and I insisted one true jack-o-lantern.

During a season where we run at breakneck speeds it’s fun to stop for a couple of hours.  Take a little break from our desks and go for a random Monday adventure together.  We don’t have to do anything fancy, just spend a couple of hours together with pumpkins and it’s perfect.  This guy makes me so happy too.  Especially when he hugs the pumpkins.

Happy Halloween from the Smiths!

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