Hillary reached out when her and Jack were planning a trip to see the Angel Oak just south of Charleston. It fascinated me how excited she was to see the Angel Oak. A tree I’ve know all my life and doesn’t seem special to me anymore. I know the Charleston area, otherwise knowns as the Lowcountry, is known for it’s sweeping and BIG oak trees. Being here all my life, they feel so normal. Breath taking when you are face to face with one but normal. Hillary’s excitement and awe of the Angel Oak and the big oak trees during her and Jack’s couples session warmed me. Reminding of the beauty and awe in things new and things I get to have in my yard every day. Hillary and Jack’s love is like that. It’s sweet, innocent, genuine and makes you think back to that day when you fell in love. It’s equally breath taking to be able to witness it in it’s most intimate and pure form.

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