Okay ladies. Time to break out that lbd + heels AND your favorite jeans + tee … for your engagement session. In honor of my upcoming engagement sessions in the next few weeks it seems only fitting to talk about getting ready.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when it comes to my closet and me we have battles. Sometimes it is an all out throw down. Especially when I actually need clothes for an event, meeting, dinner with in-laws, and so on. In light of this I try to help prepare my brides and grooms for their engagement sessions.charleston engagement photographers

Getting ready is not only helpful for the bride but also the groom. Guys can sometimes have it easier when it comes to clothes unless we’re asking them to wear a jacket in 90-degree weather and smile through it. In honor of our warm weather in Charleston I always try to recommend the guys to wear an undershirt to help with the heat, or snag a jacket to wear over a shirt. It helps to keep their pictures looking fresh and natural. I also recommend for both bride and groom bring a couple of outfits. Guys this typically results in a couple of shirts but the ladies win here because they get to have a little more fun.engagement photographer charleston sc

It is so exciting when a bride has a couple of outfits to change into during an engagement session. It’s almost like it makes it a little more special for the bride and I see that through the engagement photos. It is  amazing how an outfit change can impact the whole feeling and vibe of pictures. Take for example these pictures of Haley + Brad. We started out casual and fun and really capturing their true and natural personalities. Then boom…red dress. You can’t tell me you don’t go, oh wow. These pictures were all taken at the Battery in downtown Charleston, SC too!the smiths do love

So my advice for you beautiful brides, bring a couple of outfits! The type of outfits you love every single time you put them on. Even if it’s your go to lbd it’s never been on an engagement session and this time people will see that lbd in a way they never have before. Start a Pinterest board to help you brainstorm outfit ideas too! I already have my own of course. : ) Also, don’t get discouraged if you don’t end up changing outfits. You want to feel your best and if changing clothes is going to leave you feeling meh just keep rocking your favorite jeans and top or boots and dress! You want to feel amazing and just like me I know you have those go to items that make you feel that way every time. That is exactly what I’m looking to capture for your engagement photos! : )

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