October is officially upon us and now in my Instagram feed are tons of friends and colleagues attending weddings. I couldn’t love all the pictures and moments more! Seeing the joy, excitement, love, and memories being made makes my heart burst with happiness. Between you and me Instagram is my favorite form of social media. Yes, this may be obvious because it’s pictures and, well, I am a photographer. But it’s the power of those pictures and the caption or lack there of that goes with it. These are photos people feel are worth sharing and it just makes me love Instagram even more.

With that being said have you thought of your hashtag for your wedding? Being a photographer who loves the adventures and all of those natural moments it would be remiss of me to discount the value of Instagram and a hashtag. Yes, you’re going to have a photographer documenting this amazing day. Creating your own hashtag is like giving all of your guests their very own Polaroid camera on top of it, and all of you have to do is look up your hashtag to see what went down.charleston wedding photographers

So a couple of tips and tricks to make Instagram and hashtags effective for your big day…

  • Get crafty with your hashtag! It doesn’t just have to be smithsmith552012 (Yes, my husband’s last name was Smith too and no we’re not related except by our marriage haha ) Those hashtags totally work but I recently saw one that made my heart melt: #gettinggrahamed. #gettingsmithedagain (yep, that one would have been fun ha!)
  • Spread the word to your guests! Include it in your invitations or save the dates, put a frame up at your shower telling your guests and start hashtagging those bridal showers, engagement pictures, selecting the invitations, taste testing – can I come with for cake testing?, the rehearsal dinner, and of course the WEDDING! Encourage people to contribute to your memories. : )
  • Don’t forget to check the hashtag before you commit. Yes, at some point it’s possible you may have some overlap from an accidental contributor. By checking the hashtag beforehand though and being the creative person I know you are, you’re setting yourself up for the best hashtag ever! wedding photographer charleston sc

What hashtag would you have given these two?  : )

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