I have had two brides this week ask me about including their pets into their engagement photos. My response to them: That’s great, let’s make that happen! I believe including special extras that will make your photos more meaningful.

While it does not always have to be a pet maybe it is instead a necklace your mother wore when she got married or your groom to be is rocking a watch passed on from his grandfather and father. Including these special things really make your pictures whether it’s your engagement or wedding even that more momentous and authentic.Charleston, SC flower crown

I’ll agree wearing a necklace or a watch require much less logistical thinking than including a pet. However, including your pet is completely feasible and there are a few things to consider if you want to include:

  1. You likely will not  want all of your pictures including your fur baby. See if there is a friend who can drop by and either watch your pooch while we snag a few photos of just the two of you. If it is your wedding day consider someone you trust being responsible for them. Even the most well behaved pets can be a little overwhelmed by a giant crowd of people and a wedding environment can be a little different than the farmer’s market
  2. Your photos will really stand out including your pets but be warned your pup knows and loves you to death. He or she could jump or rub against your legs in your wedding dress or tux. Likely you’re already used to this though and know how to wield a lint roller.
  3. Will there be children at your wedding? Overall most children love pets so this will likely be an instant attraction to them. Which is like free entertainment for them but you also want to make sure your pet is okay with all of this attention.
  4. Don’t forget to check the rules!  Make sure your pet is allowed on the premises.  If they are only allowed in some places and not all perhaps that designated person can do a doggie drive by for a few photos.
  5. What does he or she wear?  It is absolutely 100% okay to give her a halo or maybe him a little bow tie! A special thanks goes to the Flowershop at Mixson for donating a crown for Belle.  I highly recommend Lily’s beautiful shop, her natural flower crowns and even everyday floral arrangements are amazing. Charleston, SC boho

It is your wedding day and you deserve to make it as special as you want.  Don’t be afraid to include your pet in your engagement pictures or even your wedding and even dress them up a bit if you want. Just remember they will need some attention too as honorary members of the wedding party. : )

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