I am so excited wedding season is around the corner! The color palettes, florals, wedding dresses, hairstyles, and the men’s details! Now, the men’s details never get a ton of attention but I promise if you do give them a little love it will pay off in making your groom feel special and having more amazing memories in your photos.charleston wedding photographers

It’s totally worth it to see how into the decision-making he is, and fingers crossed he’s totally on board. It just makes it more fun for both of you. If it’s all on you I promise there are plenty of amazing magazines and Pinterest to gather inspiration and ideas. : ) There are all sorts of different things you can consider when putting together your groom’s look for your big day. Obviously there is his overall attire and with that I feel like it really sets the tone for your wedding day, for example, formal and traditional in a tuxedo or chic and simple in a classic suit. Bowtie or long tie? Suspenders or belt? Vest or cummerbund? These are all very obvious pieces to consider but they all have a huge statement. I think one of my favorite things to see when it comes to ties and belt/suspenders is mixing it up. So perhaps your groom has a statement long tie (tie clip?) and the groomsmen are mixed with ties and bowties of coordinating but different colors. Same rule can apply to belts and suspenders.

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 We put a lot of thought into making our bridesmaids comfortable and look natural and unique it would lend to the idea we would do the exact same idea for the groomsmen. Other little details that are fun to think of for your fiancé (in case he doesn’t) is maybe gifting him the day of a small bottle of bourbon and cigars so him and his boys can enjoy getting ready together just like you and your bridesmaids! (P.S. Did you know bourbon is good luck for a wedding?)

 So if you and your groom put these little thoughts into your details what does it end up looking like? Maybe something a little like these photos. Your groom has a brick red tie but perhaps his 5 groomsmen are sporting 3 belts and 2 suspenders and no ties. Really making your groom stand out. A light gray suit paired with this tie brings it into spring. Once he stands next to you and your peach, green, and white bouquet we have a beautiful spring palette that’s a little different than your traditional colors but so striking and photographers charleston

 What colors have you picked out for your grooms? What are they wearing this spring? I’d love to hear what everyone is planning so leave some comments below and fill me in! Happy Thursday! : )

P.S. Big thank you to my husband for allowing me to play dress up with him.

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