Morgan is the owner and artist of Morgan Cole Art, and we had so much fun snapping some candid moments of Morgan at her studio.

This super talented chick is from California and studied Fine Arts at Clemson University. Through it all, her adventures eventually brought her to Charleston, where she set up shop at Redux Contemporary Art Center.

You can find Morgan around town spending time with her family and friends, painting to the music that moves her, and setting up pop-shops. Morgan was so much fun to work with for her branding session. Her down to earth and happy vibes were so easy to photograph. It’s a privilege to have her select us for her photos to represent her and her work. We couldn’t be more excited to share our time with her!morgan cole artmorgan cole art redux centermorgan cole art redux charlestonmorgan cole art charlestonmorgan cole art reduxmorgan cole charlestonmorgan cole charleston sc

Nothing like messy hands to show off a good day’s work!

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