Wait, what?  Obviously I talk to my photographer.  Photographers and their clients definitely talk but sometimes all they talk about are the contract and the dates they are going to see each other.  Don’t get me wrong; clearly this is important information to discuss.  However, I cannot express just how important is to talk to your photographer.

Why?  Your photographer is someone you are planning to spend your entire wedding day with capturing some pretty intimate moments in your life.  Getting to know each other even a little by meeting up for coffee or a cocktail is great, and if you don’t live in the same city schedule a Skype or phone call together.

Taking the time to chat with your photographer will help you and the photographer.  You will both feel more comfortable with each other, and guess what?  Comfort = better pictures.  Once you have even the smallest rapport with one another you automatically feel less stressed and more at ease.  And let’s be honest, wedding days can kind of take our breaths away!  When you establish even the smallest bit of comfort and trust that’s when the photographer snaps the photos that only your fiancé captures on their iPhone.  You know, those photos where your smile is full of love, your eyes are bursting with happiness, and when you look at the photo your heart swells because it remembers the exact feelings of that day.

Taking the time to meet or schedule a chat with each other you are also able to feel confident.  This is increasing communication amongst each of you.  A photographer can absolutely show up and snap 5,000+ photos of your day.  Honestly, you can get beautiful pictures when hiring a professional too, but now you are confident in knowing exactly what photos are must haves, who are the people who definitely need to be photographed, and that you feel good about the person you are spending a lot of time with on one of the most important days of your life.

I know I could continue to wax on poetically but these are my two biggest reasons why it’s important to try and talk to your photographer.  I hope this helps or even spurs a conversation or two. : )

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