We were recently honored for Meredith and Ryan to invite us into their home for an in home anniversary session.  You might remember these two from 2015.  I still can’t believe it’s been over a year since they said ‘I do’.  But it has been, and it has gone by so quickly.  I remember hearing as a child time goes so fast when you’re older.  As a child I thought there’s no way.  My birthday and Christmas are never going to get here and the school year is never going to be done.  However, as an adult I definitely see how fast time goes.  Our calendars become marked with engagements, weddings, work, holidays, birthdays, and well, the list goes on.  It’s made me think even more so lately how important it is to stop, and take in today.  Teaser: there will be more of this thought/theme throughout the year.

It is so easy to get caught up in all those things on the calendar and come home, crash on the couch, and zone out on your preferred form of technology.  It is also why it is such a privilege to preserve those moments when we do stop and take in today.  It’s inspiring to step into life and preserve it in that moment, it’s invigorating to catch up with a couple we’ve seen grow over the last two years, and hear the things they’ve learned in their first year of marriage.  Despite these two having an over ten year relationship they know they are still learning.  They are still learning how to best communicate, how to conquer that massive to do list, and they are navigating it together.

Meredith and Ryan are a team.  They are embarking on this adventure of life as a married couple, and are stopping to take in today.  Life, love, and each other are precious.  Don’t be afraid to make a Saturday morning date to do nothing but eat cinnamon buns, drink mimosas and cuddle.  I promise there will come a day when you look back and you’ll be even more grateful for that date than you were that day.

PS – meet their newest family member, Charlie : )

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