I am so excited to have bridal portraits coming up in the next few weeks! The hard part about them for me is having to wait to blog and share the photos of the gorgeous bride until after the wedding! In light of the upcoming portrait sessions I started to think of all the little details that go into getting ready for bridal portraits, and I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks to help other bride’s as the get ready for their bridal portraits!bridal charleston sc

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The bridal portrait is a great way to do a pre-run through of getting ready for your actual wedding day. One thing when planning for your hair, do not forget to not wash your hair the day before. Ew, gross right? Actually this is going to help your hair hold better and work better for your stylist. Trust me they have all sorts of tools to make sure it does not look like a greasy mess too. : )

It’s February and you don’t have a tan? That’s okay! There are plenty of ways to help sun kiss your skin. Spray tan and tinted moisturizers/lotions are the most ideal. If you are spray tanning I always recommend go 24 hours in advance. This allows for the tan to set. The natural inclination may be to hop in a tanning bed or lay outside. I caution this because sunburns are not you or your photographer’s friend. It’s going to not feel so great in your wedding dress and it’s not the easiest thing to clear up in editing. Be cautious with your skin. Natural skin is always the best look on every bride and p.s. you’re already gorgeous! charleston wedding photographers

Of course your wedding dress is a huge part of your bridal portraits, but there are other elements that go into your dress to remember. For example: your shoes, veil, jewelry, sash, shawl, et cetera. When it comes to these pieces I always like to advise the bride to bring her shoes but bring another pair to actually walk around in. We want to protect these as much as possible. When it comes to your dress don’t panic it can be cleaned, steamed, and made to look better than new. I say this because when you get bridal portraits done you get the rare chance to wear your dress twice. I cannot recommend more: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! : ) If you want to lay down, sit on steps, run down the street, swing…do it! We are of course going to take great care of your dress and bring something for you to sit on. Realistically though your dress is going to get a little wrinkled and dirty. It is just the nature of the beast. It is also okay because that’s what dry cleaners are for and many dress shops do a courtesy cleaning and steaming before your wedding day! wedding photographer charleston sc

The most important part I can stress about all of this is having fun! Think of your bridal session as your chance to be a model. You have your hair and makeup done. You are in one of the most gorgeous dresses possible. And! I promise you are going to look just as gorgeous. So, relax, have fun, and enjoy feeling special. You deserve it! : )


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