Over the weekend I was invited to take photos of this new little family, and it could not have been a more enjoyable morning with these 3, excuse me, 4. (I almost forgot Chaos and I promise he’s not going to let you forget him!)


Reese was the perfect little boy, just relaxing and snuggling with his parents.  Chaos made sure he was not going to be left behind when Frank got the golf cart, and Katherine and Frank were just happy to be home with their little family.


The morning could only be described as happy, loving, and peaceful.


Thank you so much Katherine and Frank for inviting me to your home and allowing me to capture these moments with your family!  And one extra note … definitely check out Katherine’s blog, she trusts.  You want to know the blog you can learn about different products that you and your girlfriend’s trust?  Her blog is the place!  I expect with Katherine’s latest addition she’ll have some great information on maternity and baby products too.  : )

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