You know those days where time stops and life feels sweet? That’s how it was with the Bradhams. It wasn’t a day where we worried about our hair or our clothes. It was a day Angie and Jamie could forget who was holding the camera. They could be free to take in the moments with their children, Lucy and Clif.  Take in playing together in the November air, do hand stands, play in the water, climb drift wood, and get dirty together. They got the chance to just be and to remember how life is in that moment. charleston lifestyle photographerslifestyle photographer charleston sclifestyle photographers charlestonlifestyle photography charlestonlifestyle photographer charlestoncharleston sc lifestyle photographylifestyle photography south carolinasouth carolina lifestyle photographerthe smiths do lovesouth carolina photographysc photographersadventurous charleston lifestyle photographersadventurous lifestyle photographer charleston scadventurous lifestyle photographers charleston

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