Sunday morning I was honored to photograph some family pictures for my friends Jennifer + Stephen. It’s not often I take family photos and I was so excited when Jennifer reached out about family photos of them and their adorable little boy, Samuel. Immediately I said, yes, when?! : ) park Daniel Island

A couple of weeks later we met at a park in Daniel Island. Samuel is almost 2 years old so it seemed fitting and as is abundantly clear in the photos he has two parents who love him to pieces. I could not have been more delighted to hear him describe the sound a train or truck makes or watch every time he lit up when he saw an airplane.park Daniel Island outdoor

Really Jennifer, Stephen, and Samuel just touched my heart on Sunday and again as I go through their photos. Seeing the love Stephen + Jennifer have for each other and how Samuel is the apple of their eye; well, it kind of makes my heart want to burst with happiness for them.park Daniel Island

Thank you Jennifer + Stephen. It is such a distinction to have had the ability to photograph a few of your family moments. : )park Daniel Island family

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