Choosing the flowers for your Charleston wedding day can be a surprisingly daunting experience. I think this is just one of many areas where wedding planner and floral designers really shine. There are a lot of flowers out there, they grow at certain times (which impacts their costs), they come in certain colors, and shapes, and they are hugely important on your wedding day!charleston wedding photographers

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I mean think of how a vase of flowers brighten up your house when you put a fresh bunch out! Now imagine, tables full of flowers, garlands, wreaths, bouquets, alter pieces and whoa. That’s a lot of flowers, and one thing I’ve learned about flowers – you can never have enough. So, how do we decide on the flowers we want?wedding photographer charleston sc

Florals: Blue Planet Green Events

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Pinterest, wedding magazines, and even gardening magazines are great resources to start deciding what you like and don’t like. These resources can help you decide do you like really unstructured, natural, organic bouquets, or something small, romantic, perfectly round bouquets. They can help you decide which flowers make you go wth is that and omg I have to have those. They also help show you how flowers can be bundled together with their various shapes and colors. All of these resources will help you to determine the style that you may be seeking from your planner or floral designer, and will aid you when you meet with photographers charleston

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As previously mentioned wedding planners and floral designers really earn their keep during this part. They can help give you ideas about types of flowers to research based on the colors and shapes you might want, the impact of considering locally or regionally sourced flowers, and even putting all of the flowers together. It’s important to meet and interview with these folks. You want to make sure your style is something they can create. Ask about their favorite types of flowers, bouquets, and examples of their work. When you meet with them bring a photo of your dress, your bridesmaid dresses, and any ideas for an overall wedding vision you may have. Most importantly, make sure the person you select you feel confident with them and their work. Even if you came completely unprepared but when you said ‘I don’t know, pretty? and they replied with a spitting image of what you want. That’s usually a good sign. : )

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What’s a blog post without some pretty flowers to accompany it? Happy Thursday!

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