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Hi there! Hopefully you’re here because you took some time to get to know us and wanted to connect further.  We’re so glad that our story resonated with you + honored you are considering us to capture your wedding day.  More importantly we love to take the time to actually connect with you.

We know you are going to have many decisions to make for your wedding day and we want to make the important part of documenting those special, honest moments comfortable and seamless for you.  We want you to be able to focus on enjoying your day with your family, friends and ultimately, each other.  It is important to us that after the flowers have dried, your guests have gone home and your dress is hung back up you have your memories of one of the most important days of your life preserved in the most authentic way possible.

One of our greatest joys in life is reliving our past memories, it is also a huge facet of why we pursue wedding photography.  Growing up, my (Jessica) sister + I would pull out our family photo chest, which our Papa built with wood from our great grandparents’ home.  We would look through the photos and listen to our parents relive so many memories as stories. Unfortunately, we later lost those incredibly special photos and chest in a house fire.  While this was extremely hard on our family + still is, it did shape our future.  It made us value those memories, stories, time together and photographs even more, and it’s why we whole-heartedly believe in preserving the memories we’re living right now.

We remember our wedding day and how happy and nervous, and honestly, completely overtaken we were with the happiest of emotions.  We want you to be able to look back, see an image from your day, and be able to remember exactly what that felt like.  We want your friends, family, and future generations to be able to feel what you were feeling just by looking at that image.  We want to make your wedding day, truly an unforgettable one, in every way possible.

It’s our greatest honor to give our all to you on your wedding day.  We place ourselves in your shoes, say goodbye to our lives and practice to serve you at our very best.  We truly love documenting the moments of life that need to be preserved and remembered as your legacy.  Life is hectic, messy, beautiful and real. Our approach is to create something true to you.  We preserve your real moments and raw emotions so you may fill your photo chest with your stories.

We understand that choosing someone to document these important times is a big decision, and we believe you should have photographers who will serve you best.  If you think that might be us send us a note, and let’s plan a date for a coffee, drinks, snacks, or even FaceTime.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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