I really love flowers. They are a little tricky to keep around our house because one of our cats (ahem Julius) thinks they are his personal salad bars. So we have to get creative on how we have them. We have a couple hanging spots and strategically placed vases, but I have wanted to bring more greenery into the house versus having everything outside.

Insert dried flowers! I remembered all about pressed flowers from when I was kid. We all did the find leaves project in science class right? Well I wanted something a little different than pressed leaves or flowers in a book. I wanted to enjoy them in plain view! As usual Google knows all, and I found this nifty tutorial on Reader’s Digest!

I didn’t even know of a few of the ways they listed. Like putting the flowers in the microwave or using silica gel! To start though I decided on hanging upside down. It’s really pretty just as they are with a little twine around them. They start out in a ventilated and shaded room closet, and are relocated to a new place in the house when they are ready. There they can be enjoyed in plain sight and not eaten by little furry animals.

Oh!  This is also a great way to save your wedding day bouquet and flowers too! : )wedding bouquet dried flowers preserve organic natural

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