A few months ago when I was approached about a branding session and  I jumped at the opportunity. What a fun way to help someone with their businesses! I love working with other people, and seeing them succeed. I have found much like my love of wedding photography, branding photography has a special place in my heart.

It really speaks to me to be able to creatively brainstorm with a variety of industries to help make their websites, social media, and even portfolios more full. On top of it, I love helping people. Even more so I love helping other brave and adventurous individuals.  Those who decide to break out into the world of self-employment. It is kind of a crazy world, and I am firm believer in paying it forward in all aspects of life.  That includes business too!

Please meet, Jordan, of Studio Nine Co.. Jordan was so much fun to work with and came up with so many great ideas. She knows her brand and her business well. As a graphic designer she can make your branding, website, packaging, wedding suites, overall design pop. She is fantastic at working with you to really understand your brand and the image you want. (She gets a special shout out for redesigning the perfect logo for me! I cannot recommend this talented woman enough!)

Jordan’s style is very clean, natural, and timeless. So, we got together, talked about the image she wanted to project, developed an inspiration board, and picked our locations for the photos. Voila…she’s got social media content, website images, and marketing images at her 9 co.jordan waltz studio 9 costudio 9 co charlestonjordan waltz charleston

I could not have had more fun with Jordan through this experience together. (I mean how can I not when her office assistant, Ollie, tried to steal the show. ; ) It is awesome to see her grow her business and to have been able to provide her with some tools to help her achieve her goals. I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

Note: Check out her designs for this awesome clothing line too – Wild Mountain Apparel.

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