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Hi there! We’re Jessica and Critty, the owners and photographers behind the Smiths. We love being able to share in the everyday moments that happen when no one and everyone is long on one of the biggest days of your life.  Actually, we’re honored as all hell to be invited to be there, and serve our role on that day.

We believe weddings are wildly important.  They show where you came from and start the next chapter to where you are going. We are known for documenting the true, honest moments. Our style is described as real, intimate, adventurous and authentic. Our photography work has been featured in places such as Smitten Magazine, Festival Brides, A Northwoods Wedding and many more.

We’re based out of Charleston, SC and we believe we’re each others soulmate.  That doesn’t mean we don’t want to kill each other from time to time. : ) We’ve been married for over five years but have known each other for over 11.  We started out as friends, and today we are each others best friend.  You’ll typically find us out at the local market, unplugging from all things tech to head to the beach, cuddling our fur babies or be-bopping around our 1940s bungalow.  We’re all about family, making our house a home, and firm believers in treating each person we meet as if they are our kin. We live intentionally and fully.

We invite you to get comfy and browse around. : )

big bear hugs,

jessica + critty smith

(we’re huggers…you’ve been warned)







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