What is a first look? Simply explained, a first look is when the bride and groom have a few moments together before the wedding ceremony.  While I know this may sound like blasphemy or even bad luck, it is a really beautiful moment.

I have been lucky enough to see first looks take place while second shooting with Jenna Marie Weddings and I have included a few photos of one of my experiences with Jenna.  Being able to experience this and being a part of this moment second shooting really showed me the value of this moment.  Trust me, I know how momentous an occasion it is for you soon to be husband to see you the very first time as you walk down the aisle towards him.  I also know how quick that walk down the aisle is, how quick the ceremony is, and how the rest of the night is a blur.  Thank goodness there are pictures to prove I actually had a wedding, otherwise I might have thought it was all a dream!  There in lies the main reason I wish, so very much, I had done a first look.

first look summerall chapel

A first look is so, so much more than seeing each other for that first time.  It is getting a few minutes together and really experiencing your soon to be husband’s reaction to seeing the woman he is about to spend the rest of his life.  You get a moment to let go of the breath you have both been holding, a moment to drink each other in, and a moment to just enjoy each other and the momentous occasion of the day.  Ultimately, you get a memory so much stronger than just walking down the aisle to him and hopping right into the ceremony.

Logistically speaking it is also a huge win.  Tight on a timeline? Boom, you just got 15 minutes of photos with zero distractions.  You also get some of the most unique photos of your wedding day.  You know you want that picture where your fiancé crumbles seeing you the first time and you know when no one else is around he is a total softy.  Can you imagine standing in front of bunch of people and starting to cry?  Groom thinks: pull it together, there are 150 people in this room and this is the best day ever.  Yes, he is crying because he’s completely blown away by you but can you imagine seeing that first tear when it is just the two of you.  Then, seeing him beam with pride as you head towards him?  These are some emotional photos and they really help to capture all the feelings of your wedding day.charleston wedding photographers

Your wedding day is a breathtaking day and taking a few moments for a first look and having those moments together really give you even more memories together on such a special and fast paced day.  I know a first look is not for everyone, but I would encourage everyone to at least consider it.  This experience photographing for Jenna really proved to me how valuable it is.  After all, it is a special day, and you deserve every moment and memory you can savor. : )

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